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Meet Kevin Dyson

[ 0 ] December 7, 2010 |

Our area is no stranger to celebrities and accomplished professionals from all walks of life. This month’s “Featured Person” certainly is a member of this elite group. However, that is not why he was selected to be featured on Spring Hill FRESH “People to Know”.

We chose him because he is another exceptional example of the good people who work hard to make our community a great place to live, work and play.

Meet Kevin Dyson. He is the Head Football Coach and Athletic Director at Independence High School in Thompson’s Station.

In case you didn’t know this, Kevin was a wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans. He is best remembered for his 75 yard run to win the playoff game against the Buffalo Bills, which is known as the Music City Miracle.

That’s not all he is remembered for as he has a long list of accomplishments throughout his career starting from the University of Utah to the NFL.

Although Kevin has retired from the NFL, he has not slowed down one bit! Still maintaining his love for sports and belief in how sports can help shape and develop a person’s character for the good…he is fully emerged in the hard work of creating an outstanding athletic program at Independence High School. His goal is to create a program that will help lead and cultivate the youth involved in their sports programs to make a positive and lasting impact on their lives and our communities as well.

Kevin let us know he believes firsthand a great sports program can help youth develop the skill sets and disciplines needed to be successful in life which in turn leads to youth interested in the well being of their personal lives, their families, their school and their communities they live in. We love and agree with Kevin’s philosophy and passion in influencing our youth in such a positive approach.

Kevin let us know he firmly believes sports is an excellent ‘gateway’ to connect with the community and since the school is fairly new they are very interested in building strong relationships and partnerships with the Spring Hill/Thompson’s Station community and local businesses to help create ‘school tradition and pride’ and to make the sports program and the school one that everyone is very proud of and supports. Kevin stated he is committed to facilitate “bringing our program out to the community and bring the community in to our school.”

Kevin is accessible! He has an open door policy to the community and local business and welcomes your input and support.

Spring Hill FRESH is proud we have such a fine leader at the helm of the athletic program at Independence High School and encourage you to offer your support and involvement to Kevin Dyson and Independence High School because it’s clear they really do value our youth and our community! We are sure you agree we ALL benefit when we get behind what’s good for our youth.

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