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Thompson’s Station Park Trail Adventure

[ 8 ] August 22, 2011 |

Last week, my daughter and I decided to hike the newly opened Thompson’s Station Park Trail in none other than Thompson’s Station!

We really had no idea what to expect and I for one am NOT a hiker but…I was up for it and set out on the trail around 1 pm in the afternoon. With our sunscreen on, cold water and our trusty sneakers we started out on our trek to see what this new trail was all about.

We were amazed at the ever changing beauty of the park, the terrain, and the crazy looking trees and vines we would pass along the way. It wasn’t long before we came upon a HUGE tree that was as big around as my swimming pool! Or so it seemed:) We took photos of this beautiful giant and took a little rest and moved on.  Up and down, to the left, to the right…the trail just kept on going further into the woods.

Soon we came around a steep left turn corner only to look up and see a massive water tower lunging toward the heated sky above us. We took more photos and water break, (side note…I took many…breaks)! We then came across a paved road that leads to the tower then moved on down the path to some steps carved out of the hillside held together with railroad ties that were built by some hard working folks I’m sure.

At one point we came upon a large tree that had fallen sideways towards the trail and it had these huge branches that sprawled out like hide away canopies inviting us to come in to the twisted fort that the tree secretly possessed. Not to worry…I was too chicken to make my way up into its twisted arms. We kept GOING!

We went on further noticing how the vegetation continued to change and how HOT we were getting! I soon came to the bottom of my water jug and made the decision we better turn back because I did not think it would be too wise to go on without water. My daughter graciously obliged and back we went realizing even more beauty coming from the opposite direction.

We soon made our way back into the park off the trail and ended our trail adventure…for now.

I cam away from that trek feeling refreshed and tired at the same time. I also felt very grateful we have such an awesome trail right here in our own backyard! Much thanks to the folks at Outdoor Encounter and to the many who have helped to make this a reality. Thank you for your vision and hard work so we all can enjoy this.

Folks, you have GOT to go out there on that trail! It does not matter what your age is or what shape you are in. This trail is for you!

Don’t believe me? Just look at this!



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  1. Nice images. I look forward to the trek. Is that Rachael from USbank inside Publix??

  2. Do you know about how long the trail is and where does it end? Thanks!

  3. Julie says:

    My daughter and I were lucky to get away from a large coyote at this park. I reported the sighting, but no one seemed interested. Strange since people have been killed by these animals. Coyotes don’t scare as easily as they used to. They have become more aggressive in the last few years.

  4. […] in our area, we chose to go to one that has been around since I was a kid, but recently has had hiking trails added to it. Once we got there (and the novelty of the gravel wore off for Z), we realized that the […]

  5. Thompson Station Park hill is one of my very favorite local treasures. Before there was a trail, my dogs and I used to cut through the brush to get to the top. Now that there is a trail, I strap my 6 mos. old on and up we go! She loves it. It is sooo green and soo pretty! :) It is a great workout, but is also a place to really unwind and love Tennessee!

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