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December Featured Artist Former Music Industry Designer

[ 1 ] December 2, 2011 |

The detail and vitality in Bob Jones’ pen and ink portraits will make you appreciate how much personality is in a face. Bob is a Spring Hill resident, and he is the featured artist at the Spring Hill Public Library throughout the month of December.

You can enjoy his art throughout the library as well as take a free class with him on Saturday, December 10, at 1 p.m.

Bob says, “My journey in art began like most artists. I always drew, since I can remember, from comic books while sitting in front of the radio listening to my favorite shows. I just knew that I wanted to be an artist. After high school I went to work at a printing company. I really didn’t think much about being an artist until pulling mail bags wasn’t much of an opportunity for me. I worked and saved enough money with my dad’s help, I enrolled in a small art school in Nashville. The Harris School of Art was small and I had 4 years of the most intensive study of the human figure. We drew from live models daily and studied all of the bones and muscles and created an actual life size clay head and a two foot statue of the human body.  I studied to be an illustrator, but I liked designing as well. I wasn’t able to work long after school before I had to go into the military.”

After the military Bob reached the pinnacle of his profession as a graphic designer, Art Director for legendary Sun Records in Nashville.  He went to work for Pinwheel Art & Photography as Art Director on Music Row – one of the first studios to cater to the growing Country Music Industry where he designed and photographed album covers for some of the biggest stars – such as George Strait, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Reed, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Dolly Parton, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, George Jones & many others, for 28 years.

Bob kept a part of himself separate from his professional work by drawing when he could find the time. He gave up a solid career in the music business, partly due to his health & partly because he was becoming disenchanted with the business. He went to work as Graphic Design Director of the Mass Market Sales Division for 17 years before retiring in 2008.

At that time he turned his attention to pursuing his quest to become a noted Pen & Ink artist. Pen & Ink art has always been one of his favorite art mediums.

Bob began by producing with detailed clarity, realistic drawings capturing images of homeless people and doing portraits of Native American Indians. These drawings are definitely the best work he has done and he feels he is just getting started.  Although very time consuming, it is surprisingly versatile. It allows him to create textures & detail in a wide range.

He has a distinctive style, perfected after years as a working artist.  It is a layering of hundreds of thousands of tiny pen strokes producing a rich blend of textures with his technical pen. He continues to expand his subject matter and has acquired a large following.

Today his work receives critical acclaim wherever he exhibits, having acquired numerous awards.  His drawings are in homes throughout the US. He is past president of the Spring Hill Arts Center, a member of the Williamson Co. Arts Council, The Tennessee Art League and also a member of the Studio A Group in Nashville.

He lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee with his wife.  His studio is located in Leipers Fork where you can view his work and watch him work as he creates his Pen & Ink drawings.   At the December 10 workshop at the Library Bob will show how he created a piece from start to finish.

The Spring Hill Public Library is located at 144 Kedron Pkwy. in Spring Hill. The Library serves all those that live and work in either Maury or Williamson County. The library offers books, audio books, movies, WiFi, computer usage, research internet databases, and is a great place to connect with others in the community. For more information you can call 931-486-2932 or go to




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