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What You Should Know About Your Electric Blanket

[ 0 ] October 1, 2012 |

Brought to you by: Southern Electric serving our community for over 10 years!

Each season, before using your electric blanket, check for damage or wear and check again each time you change the sheets. Inspect the cord, control switch and plug for any damage and look for any kinks, worn or exposed wires, scorch marks, or breaks in the heating element.

To check, turn the blanket on for 15 minutes at the highest setting (don’t leave the room) and then turn it off. Run your hand over the blanket and feel for hot spots. A hot spot indicates that the heating coil has been kinked or damaged, which could lead to fire or electric shock so the blanket should be replaced with a new one.

Use an electric blanket only to warm the bed. To avoid overheating, switch it off before you get in. Overheating can be life threatening, especially for the very young, ill, or elderly.

Creasing can damage the heating elements, so when fitting the blanket, ensure it is flat on the bed. Secure the blanket firmly, using the attached ties. Pins or sharp objects should not be used. Keep the cord and control switch clear of the bed so they don’t get damaged.

Never leave an electric blanket unattended for long periods of time when it is switched on.

Never fold your blanket, as this is likely to damage the heating elements. In summer, store your blanket rolled (in corrugated cardboard, if possible) or leave it flat on your bed or in a dry area where no objects will be placed on it.

Never use an electric blanket that is wet. Dry it thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Never drink in bed or place a hot water bottle in a bed when an electric blanket is in use.

Never buy second hand or used electric blankets.

Some people are more sensitive to electricity than others and can feel a sensation from an electric blanket, even with the electric blanket controller in the off position. Any such sensation from an electric blanket or any other electrical appliance should be checked out by an electrician or other competent person, prior to further use.

Should the blanket be found to be safe by the electrician or other competent person, any sensation felt from the blanket can be stopped by switching the blanket off at the wall socket-outlet or by removing the plug from the socket-outlet.



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