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Longview Elementary Updates

[ 0 ] December 13, 2012 |

Mrs. Donna Gallagher’s 5th graders at Longview Elementary are studying Ecosystems.  The students are in the process of building an Ecosystem using recycled 2 Liter bottles.

The students created a Terrarium and planted rye, mustard and alfalfa grass seeds.  They are watering their Terrarium daily and observing how the various types of grass are growing.  The students record their observations in their Science notebook.











5th grade student at Longview Elementary, Cade Morgan, plants seeds in his 1st stage Ecosystem.  He is in Mrs. Donna Gallagher’s science class.









Matthew Jordan (left) and Cameron Buck (left) in Mrs. Donna Gallagher’s 5th grade class at Longview Elementary work on building the 1st stage of their Terrarium for science class.




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