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Longview Elementary Updates

[ 0 ] January 24, 2013 |

Longview Elementary held their 3rd annual 4th and 5th grade School Spelling Bee today, January 24th, 2013.  There were 16 students competing for three positions, to go to the next level; The County Spelling in Franklin.

It will be held Thursday February 7, 2013.  The School Spelling Bee Champion is Mrs. Kari Barrett’s student, Daniel Martin.  Runner-up is Karmen St. Clair from Mrs. Lauren Ignomirello’s class. The Alternate is Issac Buchanan from Mrs. Lindsey Griffey. The Spelling Bee is coordinated each year by Mrs. Gwen Antypas. This year’s Announcer was School Board member Mr. PJ Mezera.











Longview Elementary’s 3rd Annual 4th & 5th grade Spelling Bee winners with their teacher’s and parents.  From left to right:  Mrs. Lauren Ignomirello (4th grade teacher)  Mr. & Mrs. St. Clair with their daughter, Karme (2nd place winner).  Mrs. Martin with her son, Daniel (1st place winner), Mr. PJ Mazera (School Board member, announcer), Mrs. Kari Barrett (4th grade teacher) and Mrs. Bronwyn Rector, (Assistant Principal).

Mrs. Donna Gallagher’s fifth grade class Longview Elementary have been studying and observing their completed ecosystems for P1150043science class. Using recycled two-liter bottles,the students planted rye, mustard and alfalfa grass seeds in the terrarium.

They added crickets and isopods as well. The students built an aquarium that included gravel, algae, elodea, duckweed plants, pond snails and mosquito fish. Then, they connected the terrarium and aquarium using parts of the recycled bottles.

The students recorded their observations of the completed ecosystem in their science notebook.

Alana Rothenstein and Grace Shappley in Mrs. Donna Gallagher’s 5th grade science class at Longview Elementary School, enjoy observing the ecosystem they put together with recycled 2 liter bottles, several weeks ago.

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