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Landscape Lighting Adds Security And Beauty

[ 0 ] April 18, 2013 |

Brought to you by: Southern Electric serving our community for over 10 years!

LandscapeLightingLandscape Lighting is a great way to enhance the appearance of your home and add a bit of security.

The addition of this type of lighting installed by Southern Electric will provide your landscape with beauty, security, and a host of other advantages.

Security Features

Lighting can be added to illuminate a sidewalk, a tree, or decoration next to your house. If you install a series of landscape lights around the perimeter of a sidewalk, your security will be even more enhanced. People will see at night and be less likely to suffer from tripping or falling on your property, which can prevent you from being sued.

Your home will also be less attractive to would-be thieves, who see the security lighting as a sign that someone is perpetually at home, even when you might not be.

Power Options

You have the choice of installing landscape lights that are powered in one of two ways. Lights that are added to a landscape can be powered by your home’s electrical system or by solar power. You will benefit the most by using low-voltage lighting instead of solar lights. This is because outside solar lights can be rendered inefficient if clouds block the sun and prevent the batteries from getting a full charge.

Patio Lights

The addition of landscape lights to the back of your home offers you a good way to light up a patio. You can use many types of accent lights, such as a lantern or spotlight.

Another option is to add lights to the stairs up to your deck. This is a good way to add charm and style to your home when hosting a party or various family functions.

Garden Lights

Adding lights is a great way to show off your newly designed or updated landscape. The plants and flowers you work so hard to maintain in your garden or front lawn can be highlighted with properly placed landscape lights. If your landscape has a unique water feature, lights can be added to enhance its beauty.

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If you have any questions about the installation of landscape lights, contact Southern Electric for more information at 615-261-4800.

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