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Spring Hill Library July Artist for the Month

[ 1 ] July 2, 2013 |

Jessica DiesPainting-21Jessica Dies was raised in the beautiful foothills of the Smoky Mountains near Knoxville Tennessee. She currently lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She is also an alumnus of Middle Tennessee State University of that same city graduating with a degree in Fine Arts. Jessica is a licensed massage therapist and has worked at prestigious spas in her area. She now owns her own massage therapy practice and devotes most all of her free time pursuing her artistic endeavors.

Jessica is on display in many local businesses as well as galleries in historic Franklin and nearby Nashville, Tennessee. The inspiration for Jessica’s body of work derives from the constant observation of all people, places and things that come into view wherever she may be in the world. These observations can range from the faces of people and their ever changing expressions and mannerisms to nature’s evolution of color and texture and the surrounding space encompassing all.

Along with her Bachelors of Fine Art with a concentration in studio, she also minored in painting and psychology. This unique combination of study has equipped her with the intrigue to explore the many facets of two and three dimensional realms of the various art forms and the psyche behind it.

Currently Jessica is experimenting in multiple mediums. More recently her focus has been painting portraiture and the human form. “There is something magical about capturing a thought in a moment’s expression while having that same thought identified and experienced by the viewer.”

Painting in two specific styles, tight and loose- organic and controlled, Jessica practices art with an intent on balance. She initiates a studio sitting with a loose and free flowing approach using a more liquid paint which allows for a more organic flow and formation. By beginning the session this way she stirs the creative energy continuing into a more complicated and detailed work of her portraiture. It is her intent to develop a story specific to the painting, but even more specific to the viewer. “In the multitude of expressions a person’s face can conjure, there is a moment in time we connect in understanding and compassion that honors our humanity.” This connection, whether it is a result of our experience, knowledge or compassion, brings about mutual recognition of each other’s emotionality and plays a key role in our human connection to one another.

In her spare time Jessica is also an amateur photographer. Using this medium she is launching a new project in August of 2013 entitled The Capture Project. She will be taking a month long sabbatical from her business. Beginning in Phoenix, Arizona she will travel the western states to gather her subjects and research. The purpose of this adventure is to capture as many people who are willing to participate in the series. Each participant will be interviewed with questions revolving around their current life status, their satisfactions and disappointments and their flourishing or diminishing hopes and dreams for the future. By combining these personal details with individual photo sessions of each participant, she will later capture the subject in a painting unique to the individual and their personal story.

The focus of the project at its core is to answer a question the artist has posed in the more recent years of her work. To wit: “What can an artist’s hand capture that a camera cannot or conversely what can a camera capture that the hand of an artist cannot? “ Jessica is looking forward to sharing with the public the results of her study with insights and discoveries. The debut of this work is planned for November 2013.

The Spring Hill Library features a different artist each month. For more information about the Spring Hill Public Library, go to or call 931.486.2932.



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