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Spring Hill Library August Artist of the Month

[ 1 ] August 6, 2014 |

Amy Dulaney Uses Art as Therapy

Art has always been an emotional outlet for Spring Hill resident Amy Dulaney. She draws upon her own personal experiences and incorporates her feelings into her art work. Her preferred medium is Nu-pastels, but she often incorporates other mediums and techniques into her work based on her mood at the time. Amy doesn’t start off with an idea but rather a feeling; she draws abstractly, pulling images out of her use of lines, until she completes a piece. She often works to music, and her favorite musicians to draw to are Tracey Chapman and Natalie Merchant. Amy’s style is abstract where one can see images within images. Her favorite artist is Salvador Dali.

Amy draws sporadically or as the mood presents. Upon her recent loss of one of her 7 sisters killed in a tragic accident just after she acquired her PHD, Amy buried herself in her work as a way to release her feelings of grief. In her work titled “Margaret”, Amy shows the emotions felt upon seeing her sister for the first time at the funeral home after the family decided that a closed casket was in order for the viewing. In other work, Amy has drawn upon her feelings of being married, divorced, living alternative lifestyles, and being in recovery. Due to the personal nature of her experiences, this will be the first time Amy has shown her work in public.

Amy Dulaney was born in Richmond Va., the second oldest of nine children. She moved to South Carolina at the age of 17 and attended what was then known as Winthrop College where she received a BA in History with a double minor in Art and Anthropology. Amy currently lives in Spring Hill and serves those with special needs. She is a Quality Control Reviewer for Ascend Management Innovations, reviewing assessments for SIS (Support Intensity Scale) and IDD (Intellectual and Developmentally Disabled).

She will give a free workshop on creating art inspired by music on Saturday, August 30, at 3 p.m. at the Spring Hill Library. For more information contact the Spring Hill Public Library at 931-486-2932.













































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