Arrowhead Farms-Family Farming Graces The Table

ben3One of the highlights this season at the Thompson Station Farmers Market has been Arrowhead Farms certified natural grown produce and honey.ξ Ben, Emmy, and daughter Abby Seaborn own and run this Tennessee family farm carrying on their family tradition right into the 21st century a ‘Country Boy Can Survive’.ξ You see, Ben’s family has been farming in Middle Tennessee for generations incorporating natural farming methods his family has passed down to one another.

They are a CNG Certified Farm, meaning they don’t use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicide, or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) in their farming practices. They also foster ecological balance and biodiversity to protect the lands they farm.

This special certification is not for corporate conglomerate it’s designed for local farms who take pride in their food they raise and they way they do it. In other words…they do it the right way…the hard way, and the results are pure clean eating!

In our Spring Hill Fresh interview, Ben shared with us that at one time he had a career as a certified arborist but his love for farming and his concern that people did not have enough easy access to natural grown, clean eating foods and produce locally, drew him back to the land. Ben looks across his shoulder back at the tables where he had his produce and honey for sale and paused for a few moments as though he is looking out over his fields and then turns to me and says… “I love this lifestyle and I’m going to farm for the rest of my life, yeah, for the rest of my life.”

With that I asked him “so what does a typical day look like for him and his family at Arrowhead Farms?” He told us that the farm is their sole income and the work is hard with many long hours but it is one of the most satisfying occupations a person could have. Their day starts very early with feeding the pigs and chickens, picking in the fields, working in the bees hives, lots of hand-weeding control and plant tending are part of their family farm routine. Ben’s farm is located next to his parents honey farm. His dad is a very well-known and respected beekeeper who lectures regularly on beekeeping.ξ They help each other with the farming demands as well.

20160615_115756Hey but its not all work and no play! You can find them on the Buffalo river kayaking and fishing. Ben is an avid hunter and they enjoy friends and family gatherings on the farm.

Farmers Markets are one of the most popular ways farmers get their harvest to locals tables. For the past 5 years Arrowhead Farms have been coming to the Thompson’s Station Farmers Market at Homestead Manor loaded up with their range free eggs, beans, tomatoes, berries, squash, onions, potatoes, fresh corn and more.

We asked them as we are now moving into the Fall season what’s in-store from Arrowhead at the market. Ben said they will have on hand pumpkins, gourds, acorn squash, butternut squash, kale, beets andξ Indian corn all of the favorite fall harvest produce!

A way of life many of us dream of. A way of life necessary for the well being of those who enjoy farm fresh grown. Self sufficiency and down home goodness farming year round, canning foods, drying, freezing…like Hank Williams Jr. said…a country boy can survive!

Arrowhead Farms

Ben & Emmy Seaborn

Centerville, TN

Phone: (931) 623-8112

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