Bethesda Elementary School Gets Special Visitor

Bethesda Elementary School had a very important visitor today, Wednesday, February 17, 2016. Corey Jones has numerous shooting records and he is also the Nation’s leader in 3pt shooting accuracy. Corey Jones deserves and has earned the reputation as one of the best shooters in the country.

Corey Jones had won a National Championship in both High School and College. Corey Jones had a successful basketball career at St. Vincent-St. Mary. NBA superstar LeBron James played on the team with Corey at that time. The St. Vincent-St. Mary teammates made history when they won the State and USA Today National Championship in 2003. Corey was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame in 2012.

Corey is an amazing youth character motivational speaker. Corey talks to the children about making good choices and how to treat everyone around you. You should always be happy for others and motivate others to do well and set a good example. You should always listen and follow directions. He teaches the children how important it is to use your manners. Building good character skills will help the children grow up to be the best they can be. Corey is very entertaining and inspiring with the lessons he teaches. Corey Jones is amazing with a basketball. He can sign his name with a ball spinning on top of his ink pen. Corey Jones also gives the children a pen and he can make the ball spin on top of their ink pen as the child holds the pen. The children loved his performance and the children really listened to every word he had to say!