Community Encouraged to Attend Town Hall Meeting Discussing Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance Update

Citizens are invited next week to be part of one of Spring Hill’s most important steps in balancing our city’s continued growth, property development, job creation and quality of life.

Please join us for a town hall meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25, at Spring Hill City Hall, 199 Town Center Parkway, to learn about the City of Spring Hill’s project to update our municipal Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.

Updating our Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances will help us to better preserve and protect historic development patterns while creating new opportunities for economic development. The goal is to make Spring Hill a more resilient, livable and business-friendly community.

Our city’s first zoning ordinance was adopted in 1987. Spring Hill’s development is far more sophisticated and diverse today, and our zoning and development rules should reflect that.

The City recently began this process by hiring Camiros Ltd., a Chicago-based planning and zoning consultant, to oversee this project over the next year. But we also need the public’s help.

“This is the first of many opportunities for our community stakeholders to participate in a project that impacts us all in Spring Hill,” said City Planning Director Dara Sanders. “We hope you will join us at the town hall meeting, take part in this important process and let us know what you think we should consider as we begin the process.”

The town hall meeting agenda includes an introduction to the project by the City of Spring Hill Planning and Zoning Department; an overview presentation of what to expect during the Spring Hill Zoning Update project by Camiros; and a public question and answer session.