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Knots & Hitches Workshop

Event Details

February 15
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Henry Horton State Park
4209 Nashville Hwy
Chapel Hill, TN 37034 United States

Event Description

Have you ever needed to know what knot to use to secure your gear or have you ever been unable to untie a knot?

If so this basic Knots and Hitches class is perfect for you. Not only will you learn how to tie knots that are versatile and easy to untie, but you will also learn how to lash material together and how to store your cordage to avoid annoying tangles. This among other rope and knot “know how” covered in this course will get you a long way down the trail!

Overview: The participant will learn knots and hitches that are essential in many outdoor activities, and very useful in everyday life. Learning Lashing will assist the participant in construction projects in the wilderness including shelter building, tripods and even furniture.

Objective: to learn basic knots, lashing and hitches for the woodsman. How to store your cordage to avoid tangles and damage.$60 per participant

Recommended items to bring: A sharp folding or fixed blade knife. Weather appropriate clothing Snacks and lunch food (restaurant available on site).

Materials provided for the participant: 100-ft of para-cord diagrams of knots learned for practice at home, quick deploy shelter line.

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