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Spring Hill Fresh 2022 Christmas Lights Drive Guide

Event Description

Preserving Good ole-fashioned holiday family fun!

Once again Spring Hill Fresh presents its annual Christmas Lights Drive Guide for 2022!

Time to load up the family, get the hot chocolate and head out for a family-fun tradition to see the local holiday lights around the area!

There’s something magical and sweet about bundling up the family and driving around town listening to Christmas carols softly on the radio, feeling the smiles in the car, and just taking a moment to enjoy holiday traditions and the simple things in life…remembering how very blessed we really are!

Note: All locations listed are to the best of our knowledge and information submitted. They may not be 100% accurate however, we try to verify year to year these locations are in fact hosting Christmas lights for public viewing. Keep in mind we provide this guide as a courtesy service to our community therefore we are not responsible in any way for any errors but are glad to update this list as needed at springhillfresh@gmail.com

Get your Spring Hill Fresh 2022 Christmas Lights Drive Guide here–>> DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE


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