Kiwanis Club of Spring Hill/Thompson’s Station Presents Scholarships to Summit High School Key Club Students

The Kiwanis Club of Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station presented three members of the Summit High School Key Club with scholarships this past week. The Key Club is a student service branch of the Kiwanis Club.

The Summit High School Key Club is in its fourth year and has been making a wonderful and positive impact in the Spring Hill & Thompson’s Station communities. The Kiwanis Club offers scholarships annually to students in the club and this year they choose three recipients who demonstrated exceptional ‘service before self’ and personal development. The following students were selected for the 2015-2016 school year.

Neely Robinson- $1,000.00 scholarship

Neely, a senior at Summit has been a Key Club member for three years and has been very dedicated to see the club grow and develop as a positive force inξ the school and our community. Neely stated, “This year we have had a wonderful turn out as well as an advisor with a passion for the club. We have been a part of some great things this year including the Leadership Conference at Belmont.” In addition, Neely has an active and faithful supporter of the Kiwanis Club local events and causes for the past three years. The Kiwanis Club members are certain Neely will have an amazing impact on this world and wish her all the best in her endeavors.

Gil Horner- $750.00 scholarship

Gil has been a Key Club member for three years, and is presently serving as President of the club this year.ξ Gill shared, “I did not want Summit High School Key Club to be the so very usual, so expected, canned service organization, I wanted the best! So the following three years I did everything in my power to ensure it became such.”ξ Through Gil’s leadership and dedication, the club has grown from a small group to an very active and positive force in our community. The Key Club has worked with The Well Outreach food pantry, Relay For Life, and the Tennessee Children’s Home. To add to this list of service, they will be also volunteer their time to help with the Spring Hill Pay It Forward Festival and The Kiwanis Bike Ride fundraiser this summer! Gil is a creative and dedicated leader who is destined to make a difference in all he does!

Delany Tiedt- $500.00 scholarship

Delany is another outstanding Key Club student who created and developed a program to organize Summit High students to go weekly to Allendale Elementary and tutor students who needed help with their school work. Delany was very devoted to the success of this program and being a good leader to elementary students in the program.ξ She is a senior and this is her second year in the Key Club. She will be attending Mississippi State University in August and will major in Secondary Education. Delany is a doer and will create a lot good in this world and in education!