City Mayor & Four BOMA Seats Are Up for Election in April 2017

Spring Hill voters this spring will have an opportunity to choose the next mayor and four aldermen seats in the April 13, 2017, municipal election.

citylogoThe Board of Mayor and Aldermen is our city’s legislative and policy-making body. The BOMA is made up of nine members: eight aldermen elected at-large from four city wards —– two in each ward —– for four-year staggered terms; the mayor also is elected at-large and serves four years.

Wards 2 and 3 are mostly on the Williamson County side of Spring Hill, while Ward 4 is mostly on the Maury County side. The majority of Ward 1 is on the Williamson side with a smaller portion on the Maury side.

Temporary Alderman Appointment

Former Spring Hill Mayor & Alderman, Brandon McCulloch, was unanimously appointed Nov. 21 by the BOMA to fulfill the unexpired term of the Ward 4 alderman seat recently vacated by Mrs. Kayce Williams, who accepted a City of Spring Hill staff position as the new economic development coordinator. Mr. McCulloch will temporarily serve until the term expires in April, when the seat is up for election.

The upcoming election will include the office of mayor, along with one of each of the four ward alderman positions on the ballot. Spring Hill’s municipal election is administered by the Maury County Election Commission.

As of Oct. 21, 2016, city residents were eligible to pick up a qualifying petition to run for office. Here are other key dates in 2017:

– Jan. 19, noon: Candidate qualifying deadline

– March 14: Last day to register to vote

– March 24: Early voting begins

– April 8: Early voting ends

– April 13: City Election Day